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“为了成功,你必须接受所有的挑战. 你不能只接受你喜欢的."
Mike Gafka

过去的一年对非营利组织来说非常具有挑战性. The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic downturn as well as a focus on racial justice and equality led to organizations struggling to maintain a relevant message in a struggling climate (Kim & Mason, 2020). However, organizations that are able to realign their strategic vision and implement it are able to weather changes and thrive. 帮助你为未来做准备, our strategic planning company in Minneapolis is sharing the five signs your nonprofit needs to update your strategic vision.


组织中最重要的资源是员工, and if you’re concerned that you don’t have the skills within your organization to succeed in the future, 你不是一个人. A majority of nonprofit organizations struggle with skill gaps and not having the right people in place to meet the challenges they’re facing (Meehan III & Jonker, 2017). Having the right amount of people and the right talent and skillsets within your organization allow you to successfully implement your strategic vision. 你的领导团队或董事会, take time to consider what you want the future of your organization to look like and ask hard questions.

  • Where does your organization have an opportunity for improvement and do you have the people in place to implement improvements?
  • 你有合适的人来帮助你实现目标吗?
  • Do you need to reduce your existing staff in order to gain talent that will take your organization where you want it to be in the future?

你可能还会发现,如果你只依赖传统的劳动力. Hiring independent contractors and individuals to perform specific tasks on an as-needed basis will help you fill in those talent and skill gaps in a way that is economically feasible.


Studies show that a majority of nonprofit CEOs agree that it is “very” or “extremely important” for senior leadership within an organization to represent the population their organization serves (Buteau, 2018). 我们知道组织内部的多样性会带来以下好处:

  • 改善与捐助者的信息传递
  • 提高对影响其正规的外围app人口的外部因素的认识, 比如文化的变化和法律的变化
  • 改善雇佣和更广泛的人才和技能
  • 提高员工和志愿者的保留率

Despite these benefits, a majority of nonprofits lack representation in leadership positions. In 2015, only 8 percent of executive directors in nonprofit organizations were BIPOC (Medina, 2017). It’s important to consider bringing voices across a variety of populations to the table, 同时考虑到残疾, 民族和种族多样性, gender, generation, and so forth.


COVID-19导致许多组织在这两者之间展开直接斗争, 比如筹款困难和活动取消. However, 它也给公司的运作带来压力,因为公司内部的人, 尤其是在领导, 由于照顾家人或生病而不得不长时间缺勤. This left key roles unfulfilled because many organizations don’t have a succession plan in place to quickly fill vacancies and allow people to step into new roles.

缺乏多样性通常是由于缺乏继任计划. Organizations tend to appoint board members or bring in executives from their own networks when they need new people, rather than strategically building networks and reaching out to different groups to gain diverse talent.

相反,你可以考虑“建造你的板凳”,” meaning you’ll have people within your organization who are prepared and ready to step into a leadership role in the event that someone leaves or retires from your organization. 在更换人员时要有一个积极主动的策略, 特别关注多样性, can ensure you always have a backup plan and your organization can continue running with minimal disruption.


If your nonprofit is still relying on the same fundraising strategies in 2021 as you did just a few years ago, 你可能会看到捐赠的减少. 而COVID-19凸显了经济和社会变化的速度之快, the truth is, 技术的变化, economy, tax laws, 社会趋势也一直在发生, and you need your organization to reflect and pivot quickly to adapt to these changes. 更新沟通策略, 完成你的使命, and raise funds all need to be considered in order to keep you moving in a forward trajectory.

Contact Woodland Strategies to Discuss Re-imagining Your Nonprofit’s Strategic Vision

At Woodland Strategies, we know that it can be a challenge to transform your entire strategic vision. 我们可以帮助你专注于未来的目标, 弄清楚你想要的未来是什么样子, 并为实现这些目标制定计划. 要建立一个咨询,今天通过我们的 contact form.

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本文或woodlands Strategies, Inc .的任何其他宣传材料. 并不是一个全面的计划吗.

Please note 所有的市场、环境和结果都是不同的. Any strategic plan or marketing initiatives must follow all State and Federal laws and regulations, accordingly.

Please contact us 直接针对您的个人组织需求进行完整的评估和计划.


Since it was brought to the forefront of business planning by Albert Humphrey in the late 1960s, SWOT分析已经被企业所采用, 正规的外围app, nonprofits, 甚至让学校做出关键决定并形成策略. 这个计划工具可以用来衡量你的优势, weaknesses, opportunities, 威胁也可能是有益的, but often, organizations rely too heavily on this method while not performing it correctly or without recognizing its weaknesses. Our strategic planning firm in Minneapolis is providing a closer look at whether you should perform a SWOT analysis on your organization and, if so, 如何避免常见的陷阱.


Most people associate Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with highly specialized or regimented organizations, 如医院, 研究机构, 政府机构, 或者是军事. However, 这不仅仅适用于复杂的组织, and are highly valuable for even minor areas and tasks (Biologic Technical Applications, 2012). 以帮助您创建sop并将其应用于您的组织, 我们在明尼阿波利斯的正规的外围app机构正在分享开始的步骤.


While the past year showed how school districts could rise to the challenges of helping students access remote learning, studies are showing that it simply wasn’t as effective as learning in a classroom setting (Chen, Dorn, Sarakatsannis, and Wiesinger, 2021). We know that learning gains and knowledge retention is significantly reduced for students in remote learning settings, 虽然目前还不清楚事故的全部程度, research indicates that students may return with fewer than 50 percent of the learning gain in math and 70 percent in reading compared to a typical school year (Kuhlfeld and Tarasawa, 2020).



简单地说,这就是你向世界展示自己的方式. “品牌”一词过去只适用于企业和明星影响力, 但当然,现在个人品牌对许多人来说已经变得至关重要(Castrillon), 2019). A personal brand is the unique combination of skills and experiences that make you who you are. 这就是你给公众留下的印象.

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