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Providing Strategy for Your Future

Woodland Strategies offers practical solutions for both non-profits and for profit organizations while unlocking potential within business entities, 团队成员, 和品牌. We collaborate with our clients to innovate, and to create a bridge between their business and the marketplace to increase the value of customer experiences and loyalty, 并推动业务增长.

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Woodland Strategies collaborates with you to create clear, outcome-based strategies.

Woodland Strategies can assist you as you analyze demand and find new market space for your service or product. 不管你是否刚刚起步, 策划一个活动, 在过渡, 或者在动荡的时代领导, we work with you to promote a deeper understanding of organizational values, vision and mission to support your overall business plan. Our expertise includes strategic initiatives for both for-profit and non-profits, as well as;

  • 立场声明
  • 组织目标
  • SWOT分析
  • 商业策略


Woodland Strategies assists organizations as they communicate their story and engage their audiences.

Woodland Strategies can help you assess insights and use creative thinking to develop an integrated marketing plan to support your organizational strategy. 我们的专业知识包括;

  • 品牌管理
  • 内容营销
  • 客户体验
  • 道德 in Marketing and the Marketplace

行政领导指导 & 发展

Woodland Strategies uses best practices in current environments to assist individuals as they optimize their capacity for leadership.

Woodland Strategies helps clients increase perspective, 建立目标, 优先的责任, and move forward toward success by supporting clients with;

  • 危机领导
  • 决策
  • Establishing and Supporting Mentorship Programs
  • 领导销售团队
  • 考虑到领导
  • 在改变
  • Presentations and Public Speaking
  • 生产力
  • 团队建设


We provide comprehensive marketing and strategic planning services. Our goal is to connect organizations with their customers, helping them to improve their overall customer experience and loyalty.


We strive for improved outcomes through collaboration and decision making, and work to integrate subsequent change while partnering with other workgroups.


We offer flexible pricing based on your specific needs and business.

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A fixed pricing model is great for well-defined projects with a specific beginning and ending. 今天正规的外围app for a fixed price quote on your project.


If your business needs are less predictable, but you need help for a specific number of hours each month, we can provide one-on-one service for a regular hourly fixed price.


If you have a short-term project with indefinite time requirements, then you may want to stick with our hourly rate. 正规的外围app to determine if this is your best option.

Learn how Woodland Strategies can help you grow your business.

  • "When I created and started my company in 2016 one of the first people, I contacted was Martha Stutsman. As the owner/president of 林地策略公司. Martha has been instrumental with my company's success. She has assisted with the company's organization, 营销策略, 财务目标, budgeting and the company's vision. I feel fortunate to have worked with Martha in the past and look forward to continuing this relationship."


  • "We worked with Woodland Strategies to assist with developing a fundraising plan that incorporated strategies to increase philanthropic opportunities from our stakeholders. From creating effective mini-fundraising events, to crafting inspirational messaging, to connecting stakeholders to philanthropic opportunities, Martha and her team worked with us every step of the way. Woodland Strategies’ process was very collaborative and empowering. This was important to our organization, and to me."

    Carol, VP of Communications and External Relations

  • "Martha's skill was essential to the success of our recent project! Her knowledge of marketing is strong and reliable. She has excellent communication skills. Martha is creative, personal and forward thinking. She is one of the most trustworthy people I know, and I give her my most enthusiastic recommendation."

    Marianne, Board of Directors President

  • "We hired Woodland Strategies for assistance with our Strategic Plan. Martha brought our entire team together and we couldn’t have done this without her help. We felt very supported by her and would hire Woodland Strategies for future projects."

    Sara, Non-Profit Executive Director

  • "I've worked with Martha for over 5 years and have found her approach to be truly unique. I am impressed by her desire to learn about my business and modify her marketing approach based on my specific needs. I'm happy to have Martha on my "team"."


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