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"Without a mission statement, 你可能爬到梯子的顶端,然后意识到它靠错了建筑物!"

While most people think of mission statements as 流行语 for a large company, they’re extraordinarily valuable for both nonprofits and small businesses. In fact, your mission statement is the most important sentence you’ll write. 毕竟, every bit of copy on your website, 在电子邮件, or on brochures should reflect or support that mission statement in some way. 我们知道,要把非营利组织或企业的核心内容用一两句话表达出来是很困难的, 为了帮助你们, 我们将分享一些建议,告诉你什么是有影响力的使命宣言,什么是应该避免的.

What Is a Mission Statement?

A mission statement is a brief statement, 通常只需要一两句话就可以简洁地表达你的组织是做什么的. The phrase 是 originally coined by management expert, 彼得·德鲁克(Peter 德鲁克)于1974年提出,他认为使命宣言应该“传达……[组织的]……存在的理由”,并作为“优先事项的基础”, 策略, 计划, 和工作任务,” (德鲁克, 1974).

A mission statement should answer three questions:

  • What is the purpose of your nonprofit?
  • Who does the nonprofit serve?
  • How do you serve your audience or community?

A targeted mission statement that narrows down and defines the client, 无论是地理范围还是特定的客户群体通常都会增加捐款和捐赠, so when answering the mission statement, 特异性问题(柯克, 2010).

How Does a Vision Statement Differ from a Mission Statement?

愿景陈述和使命陈述是不可互换的,尽管很多人混淆了它们. 而不是, a vision statement is future-focused, whereas a mission statement is continually rooted in the present.

How to Create a Powerful Nonprofit Mission Statement

既然你对使命宣言有了更好的理解,为什么它很重要, 这里有一些建议,教你如何为你的企业或非营利组织写一份强有力的使命宣言.

Make Your Mission Statement Clear and Concise

When you write a mission statement, 你要确保对你的组织做什么以及为什么它很重要没有疑问. This means you want to use simple, 直接的语言, rather than overly formal words, 流行语, 和术语. If a reader can’t understand your mission statement, they won’t connect with it, and you’ll struggle to gain supporters or donors.

As you write your mission statement, write a paragraph or so about your organization, keeping a clear focus on the three key points.


  • 为什么你的非营利组织存在
  • 你为谁
  • How you serve your population.

A small business is similar, in that your mission statement will focus on:

  • The purpose of your business
  • 你的客户是谁
  • How you serve your customers

The first draft doesn’t need to be short as once you get it all down, you can go back and trim or edit what you wrote into a succinct, 10 to 20-word statement that is easy to read and understand.

Communicate a Feeling of Pride in Your Mission

而你需要传达你的使命的具体方面:你为谁正规的外围app, 如何为他们正规的外围app, 以及为什么它很重要, 企业和非营利组织都需要与观众建立情感正规外围买球app. 虽然企业可以坚持以自豪的声音为主,但非营利组织要复杂一些.

对非营利组织, 重要的是要传达你的作品有影响力,你可以在观众的帮助下继续这样做. In a 2018 study looking at the emotion coding of a mission statement, the researchers looked at 100 organizations, 包括非营利组织. 他们发现,那些在使命宣言中表达对事业的自豪和对未来的希望的非营利组织能够围绕这一点建立更有效的营销策略. 通过始终如一地传达他们的使命宣言,或者通过创造反映使命宣言的内容, 他们能够增加和提高与观众的参与度,并获得更高的收入(列板, et. al. 2018).


你的非营利组织是一个积极的组织,致力于实现一个目标,正规的外围app于一个社区或人群. When you talk about your nonprofit, you want to use an active voice rather than taking a passive voice as a dynamic, 主动语态更有利于信息的读者或接收者采取定向的行动.

We understand active versus passive voice can be confusing. 然而,在主动语态中,句子的主语执行动词的动作. In passive voice, the subject is acted on by the verb. 通常, a sentence in which a verb is a form of “to be” (is, 是, 是, etc) in conjunction with a prepositional phrase is going to be passive.


  • 主动语态: We bring sustainable farming methods to rural communities.
  • 被动语态: 我们是一个将可持续农业方法带到农村社区的组织.

This may not seem like a dramatic difference, 但研究表明,使用主动语态会显著增加听众对声明的回应和随后的行动呼吁(Atlay), 等. 2020).


Above all, be sincere and authentic when you write your mission statement. This one or two-sentence statement will be the foundation of your organization, 指导你的活动, 沟通, and even the people you hire. 如果它过于笼统, unrelatable, 或奢侈, you will struggle to create a cohesive strategy and deliver a clear message.

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从帮助你起草你的使命宣言到创建一个与你的组织活动相一致的战略, 收入来源, and actions with your statement, 林地策略公司. provides the strategic planning and guidance you need to succeed. To schedule a consultation, fill out the form below to get started.

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这篇文章或林地战略公司的任何其他宣传材料. is in no way intended to be a comprehensive plan.

请注意 all markets, circumstances, and results vary. 任何战略计划或营销活动必须遵循所有州和联邦法律法规, 相应的.

正规的外围app 直接为您的个人组织需求进行完整的评估和计划.

Why It’s Time to Adopt Purposeful Leadership in Your Organization

Whether you’re a part of the management team, 一个公司的老板, or a director of a nonprofit, your team looks to you for leadership. 这不仅仅意味着告诉人们该做什么,或者为组织设定目标并确保目标实现. Today’s leadership role isn’t about power, it’s about purpose. 我们在明尼阿波利斯的总部正在分享为什么是时候采取有目的的领导,以及这对你的组织意味着什么.

Creating a Content Marketing Strategy for Your Small Business

当涉及到为你的业务获得曝光度和吸引新客户时, 传统的广告, 如广告, 平面广告, 和赞助, 失宠了吗, replaced by content marketing. But what makes content marketing so important to a small business, and can it really help you stand out from your competitors? Even more important, how do you get get started? 我们在明尼阿波利斯的营销策略公司明白这可能是一个压倒性的话题, 为了帮助你们 get started, 我们概述了如何为你的小企业创建一个内容营销策略.

4 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Strategic Plan

When you think of strategic planning, 你可能会想象高管们围坐在一张桌子旁,讨论如何增加利润或打入一个新市场, 你不会错的. 拥有数十亿美元资产的公司当然依赖正规的外围app来改善运营或改变组织的方向. 然而, every organization can benefit from having a researched, documented statement on how to create a clear, measurable path to success, and this is especially true for small businesses. 为了帮助你起步,我们将分享你的小企业需要战略计划的四个原因.

How to Plan for a 成功ful Brand Refresh

When a business or non-profit fails to stay modern and up-to-date, 他们冒着失去客户基础和利益相关者的风险,经历销售和购买停滞不前. 幸运的是, 品牌更新通常是重新获得市场相关性和重建与消费者的正规外围买球app所需要的一切. 然而, updating a brand is more than just changing a logo; it requires c是ful and strategic planning on leadership’s part to ensure any updates will support the company’s goals.

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